Time presses – only 60 minutes until the exhibition opens: the museum director is upset, while the public and press are awaiting an exhibition about Speyer’s path to Protest. The curator, however, has vanished without a trace, leaving behind an unfinished room: a hodge-podge of closed coffers and containers…

Enjoy a new history experience!

Escape&Museum Speyer combines the joy of solving riddles with Luther’s biography and events leading up to the 1529 Protestation at Speyer. The game challenges team members to solve all puzzles of the room together in 60 minutes. This involves cracking codes, combining items and tracking historical events.


Based on a trendy gameplay!

Escape&Museum Speyer is based on the trend of “Live Escape Games”- a new, exciting and enjoyable gameplay for 2-6 people. Deciphering the hidden clues in 60 minutes requires full concentration as well as the ideas and talents of all players. Teamwork helps you discover entirely new ways of brainstorming and developing some group identity.

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This task can only be accomplished by logically combining and exploring incidents around Martin Luther’s world!

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